European Patent Application No. 08867685.3

European Patent Application No. 08867685.3

System and Method for Promoting Messages to a Plurality of Websites from a Centralized Authority in Response to a Disaster or Emergency Event

Fast Health Corporation

I am delighted to report that the EPO has accepted the amendments and arguments we filed in response to the extended European search report and the application is ready for allowance. I am sure the Applicant will be pleased with this news.

Please find attached the official communication under Rule 71(3) EPC informing us of the intention to grant a patent on this application, together with a copy of the specification in the form in which it is intended to grant the patent. Please read the specification carefully to check that it is correct, and that it provides the scope of protection you are expecting. You will see that the Patent Examiner has made a number of the amendments to the granted specification. For example, he has added a reference to a prior art Internet Emergency Alert System on page 10 and he has added reference numerals to the features in claims 1 and 8. These particular amendments are straightforward. However, you will also note that the Patent Examiner has also tweaked claim 8 to specify all the method steps are executed on a DNS administration server (26), claim 11 step d has been amended to specify "an alternate website" as defined in claim 8, and claim 15 has been amended to refer to "an" emergency alert system. Please check the amendments very carefully to ensure they are acceptable to you.

The communication also gives the full applicant details, including address. Again, please check that these details are still correct since now is the best time to make any changes.

Next Steps (before grant)

Approval, fee payments and claims translations

If the attached specification is acceptable to you then we have four months in which to translate the claims into French and German, and to file them at the EPO. The official grant and publishing fees must also be paid by the same period. These actions must, therefore be carried out by 23 September 2017.

However, if the amended specification is not acceptable to you then any further amendments or corrections must be filed with a reasoned statement at the EPO within the same four month period, i.e. by 23 September 2017. If the EPO finds our arguments or further proposals are acceptable then a new communication under Rule 71(3) EPC will be issued. Otherwise, the application will be referred for further examination.

Please send me your approval and/or comments on the attached specification by 31 July 2017.