Steps for setting up Automated Payments NOT using

Step 1

Contact your current credit card processing company to seek assistance in setting up a Gateway/E-commerce account. Eventhough we prefer you use you can use any gateway as long as they provide certain technical documentation.

Step 2

Before signing any paperwork, please contact us to let us know which Gateway/E-commerce vendor you are planning to use. If possible, please request API documentation. If available, please send to

Step 3

Once we confirm the documentation will meet our requirements, you can move forward with setting up the account. We will then be able to provide you what information we will need to configure the form correctly.

Step 4

We configure the form, do some testing, and turn it over to you for testing.

Step 5

Confirm when payments are made, that they eventually make it to your bank account.

Step 6

Once everything is confirmed to be working, the automated payments can be placed online.

Please Contact us with any additional questions.

205-752-5050 ext. 2 or