Shareholder Meeting August 29, 2017

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2016 Estimated Revenue $1,723,163

Estimated Profits Before Taxes $464,095

2016 Dividend

4.0 cents per share issued for 2016

2017 Dividend Information

1.0 Cent per share issued for 2016 (first quarter)
1.0 Cent per share issued for 2016 (second quarter)

2016 Financials

P & L page 1 2016 and Balance Sheet 2016
Other Summary


Shareholder Testimonial One
Shareholder Testimonial Two

FastHealth Sample Upgrades 2017

Neshoba General Hospital, Mississippi
Dosher Memorial Hospital, North Carolina
Dallam Hartley Health District, Texas
Callaway Hospital, Nebraska
Liberty Regional Hospital, Georgia
Dale Medical Center, Alabama

FastHealth New Customers

Rochester Orthopedics, Orthopedic Center
Miller County Hospital, Georgia
Mount San Rafael Hospital, Colorado
Trigg Hospital, Kentucky
Gove County Medical Center, Kansas
Iroquois Memorial Hospital, Illinois
Mitchell County Hospital, Texas
Lakeview Gardens, Oregon Nursing Home

Risks To Healthcare Websites

Hospitals At Risk, Bloomberg
Healthcare Highly Targeted
Hackers Target US Hospitals, ABC News
Attacks On Healthcare Institutions, Wyoming Daily
Hospitals Not Immune, Scientific American

FastHealth Breach

US News, FastHealth Breach
ABC FastHealth Breach
These issues are expected to reduce income and profits until end year 2017

2016 Breach Incident Challenges for 2017

Unexpected Investigation Costs
Heightened Costs Required By New Security Implementations
Loss of 2017 Sales Due To Manpower Resource Allocation Toward PR
Loss of Some Customers Due To Negative Image From Incident
High Legal Fees and Notification Costs
Upgrade of Equipment and Programming Time
Distractions To Staff Productivity

Investigation and Mitigation

Kroll Cybersecurity
Baker Law Cybersecurity Event Response
Garden City Group PR Notification
Beazley Breach Response


Removed Malicious Code
Created New Policies
Removed Ability To Execute Files In Certain Areas
Strengthen Authentication
Upgrading To Virgin Equipment

New Patents Granted 2017

Social Network Profile-Avatar Patent

Patent Gazette August 29, 2017 #9,747,603
Potential Licensees Include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ESPN and Others
Avatar Patent Description
Patent Allows Social Networks to Increase Advertisement Exposures By Tethering Advertisements to User Profile Pictures Sourced From Characteristic Databases

First Meeting With ESPN October 3 2017

ESPN Losing Media Revenue To Social Networks like Facebook
ESPN Should Set Up ITs Own Social Network For Sports Fans
Passwords For Social N Zone

European Plural Deflection Patent Allowed September 2017 (EUROPEAN UNION)

Letter of Notification of Allowance
European Union Allowance Document Plural Deflection Patent
European Union Plural Deflection Patent
By Having Patent in Europe and United States We Now Can Seriously Seek International Partner For Licensing Technology or For Selling Patent In Europe.

FastCommand New Industry

Asked To Present September 22, 2017 in California

National Native American Indian Emergency Management Conference
Kalispeltribe Indian Tribe, Washington State
Shoshonebannocktribes, Idaho
Navajo Nation In Arizona and New Mexico
Twin Arrows Casino, Arizona
Flowing Water, Casino, New Mexico
Fire Rock Casino, New Mexico
Flowing Water Casino, New Mexico

State of Alabama Contacts FastCommandFor Public Safety System

Governor Signs Law To Protect Schools
Governor System
June 19, 2017 FastCommand Meets With Alabama Secretary of Technology
August 22, 2017 FastCommand Invited To State Meeting With Alabama Board of Education
E-mail to Alabama State Leaders
September 6, 2017 FastCommand Presenting To State of Alabama at Capitol
October 2017, FastCommand To Meet Governor Ivey

a) Potential for All State Websites
b) All Public School Websites
c) All Universities

Marketing FastCommand From The Salt Lake Valley

FastCommand For A New Era
FastCommand Fire Chief of Salt Lake City, Chief Kurt Cook goes for Entertainment Venues