Thank you again for the dividend. Congratulations on your ongoing success. We appreciate the ongoing return to the shareholders. Thank You!

Claudia Scherer
July 2017


Dear Kevin,

You continue to amaze me and I am sure most investors in the Fasthealth family. When I reflect back to the beginning of the company and the challenges start-up companies face. You are truly remarkable leading this company! I am sure thousands of failed start-up companies have great admiration for your many accomplishments.

I feel confident that the security technologies the firm has developed, may be recognized by a larger company. This recognition may result in a well deserved liquidity event. If that happens, nobody deserves to benefit more than you.

The on going dividends the board has approved and released is greatly appreciated by your loyal investors.

Thank you for helping so many people protect themselves better in this dangerous world.

Sincerely yours,

Claudia Scherer

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